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Verbatim Theatre

Below is an extract from ‘Living Drama 5e’ with Bruce Burton (writer) & Rachel Ford (senior publisher) Verbatim TheatreContinue readingVerbatim Theatre

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Seizing the Senior Syllabus

Presented by Rachel Ford at the 2018 DQ State Conference. The new senior drama syllabus provides many opportunities and challenges for Queensland Drama teachers. A critical component in preparing students…Continue readingSeizing the Senior Syllabus

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[Disordered] Action of the Heart – Museum Theatre

Presented by Craig Wood at the 2015 DQ State Conference Teacher notes_Arts + HistoryContinue reading[Disordered] Action of the Heart – Museum Theatre

Indigenous Limitless15 Secondary Verbatim

Rethinking Approaches to Indigenous Plays

Presented by Hannah Brown and Dr Linden Wilkinson at the 2015 DQ State Conference. Today We’re Alive – Linden Wilkinson and Hannah BrownContinue readingRethinking Approaches to Indigenous Plays