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Reshaping Greek texts

Presented by Stephanie Tudor at the 2019 DQ State Conference. This practical workshop will take participants through the reSHAPing of the classic Greek text Medea. This Senior unit aligns with…Continue readingReshaping Greek texts

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Devising Theatre: Viewpoints & Composition

Presented by Dr Lynne Bradley & Nicole Reilly at the 2019 DQ State Conference. Since 1992 Zen Zen Zo has been introducing Queensland to new theatrical forms and practices, including…Continue readingDevising Theatre: Viewpoints & Composition

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Seizing the Senior Syllabus

Presented by Rachel Ford at the 2018 DQ State Conference. The new senior drama syllabus provides many opportunities and challenges for Queensland Drama teachers. A critical component in preparing students…Continue readingSeizing the Senior Syllabus

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Navigating the NEXT Curriculum

Presented by Joan Cassidy, Juliana Guinane & Adrianne Jones at the 2017 DQ State Conference. Are you planning to use C2C drama units this year? Do you know where to…Continue readingNavigating the NEXT Curriculum

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Practical Forming – What and Why?

Presented by Deb Wall, Sue Pearn, & Tricia Clark-Fookes at the 2017 DQ State Conference. Back by popular demand to explore what’s coming next for Queensland Drama education, workshop participants…Continue readingPractical Forming – What and Why?

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Finding Direction

Presented by Charlene McMenamin at the 2017 DQ State Conference. Aimed at senior Secondary Drama teachers, this workshop will share ideas for teaching and assessing directing. This includes ideas for…Continue readingFinding Direction

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Forming: Improvisation task sheet

Thanks to Julianne Macpherson of Villanova College for this submission. This task sheet is kindly submitted for the purposes of sharing practice. Task context This unit is an introduction to…Continue readingForming: Improvisation task sheet