published 20 May 2014

Drama Queensland – Queensland Association For Drama In Education Inc. offers individuals and associations support across a wide range of special projects.

Please download and complete the Special Projects Proposal document and return the form to our Business Manager, Alaana Sheppard, via email: We look forward to receiving your proposal.

We currently have two Special Projects available for members to view:

The Drama Australia Archives aims to capture the collective wisdom of the Queensland drama community. Through these interviews, individual experiences are shared, challenges are pondered upon and the transformation that has contributed to the current position of drama education is explored.

Produced and published by Drama Queensland, Dramatic Encounters: Artistry, Community and Scholarship in Drama Teaching shares best practice and innovative ideas from classrooms across Queensland. This book explores some of the exceptional relationships which have been developed between schools and industry, as well as community programs which provide unique learning experiences for students.