published August 4, 2018

Nuts and Bolts is another major professional development opportunity offered by Drama Queensland in Semester 2.

Are you a beginning or experienced Drama teacher or Primary educator looking for an exciting professional development opportunity? Then come along to the Nuts and Bolts Workshop!


When? 13th October 2018

Where? Brigidine College (53 Ward St, Indooroopilly)

Arrival Time? 9:45am for 10:00am Start

End Time? 2:15pm




This is a professional development event that is not to be missed. Attendees will be given the opportunity to select to attend workshops focusing on Primary or Secondary Drama that offer practical strategies and ideas relating to the teaching of Drama. The 2018 program features a series of fabulous workshops covering a range of professional and curriculum related issues delivered by experienced practitioners.Please click here to see the program at a glance- 


Primary Drama

Primary delegates will be given the opportunity to explore the value of story in enabling and critiquing human dilemmas and difficulties. The UK’s Geoff Readman will demonstrate in his workshop how educators can create opportunities for students to explore current and contemporary issues. Marthy Watson in her first session will present a process drama based on ‘Boy Overboard’. Her second session will focus on the development of the unit of work the process drama came from and possible assessment instruments that could result as well as how to address general capabilities and cross priorities.

Secondary Drama

Bruce Burton will guide secondary delegates through a  masterclass workshop for all teachers involved in teaching the new Senior Drama Curriculum. The workshop will include experiential learning, sharing and devising. Flipside Circus in their workshop will share with attendees their dramaturgical process when exploring physical theatre. Lastly, Stephanie Tudor will share how process drama can be used to strengthen visual literacy skills through a process drama based on ‘The Lost Thing’.





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