published 3 February 2015

About the 2020 VISION Program

As we head towards 2020, the question must be asked – what is our vision as drama educators? Who or what will be the drivers of change? It is important that there is clarity within our shared vision and that we continue to advocate for both our subject and ourselves. It is necessary to look back retrospectively and use the wisdom and insight of the drama ‘greats’ who have gone before us to position the arts well into the future. Our focus must be on providing critical and creative opportunities for our students and to encourage both passion and rigour within our subject. Creating this vision ensures that we continue to provoke, innovate and lead educational reform.

Why should you attend?

Attending 2020 VISION will provide you with the skills and language to take Drama Education into the future. Being at the forefront of innovation in Drama, syllabus changes and cutting-edge research is our core business and a key reason why you should attend 2020 VISION.

This conference will provide a variety of inspiring keynotes, practical and engaging workshops and presentations, targeted discussion panels, trade displays, and of course plenty of time to reconnect with old friends and develop stronger networking ties.

2020 VISION delegates will be given the opportunity to engage in professional renewal to collaborate, innovate and advocate.

Focus areas for 2020 VISION will include:

  • Early Childhood and Primary
  • Junior and Senior Secondary (General and Applied)
  • Curriculum (QCAA, ACARA / C2C)
  • Research – Creativity and Innovation in Drama
  • Leadership and Teacher Longevity