published March 16, 2015

Please click on the links below to access some resources from the 2019 Drama Queensland State Conference – SHAPE 2019

(Please note: not all presenters provide downloadable resources)


Session B1 – Sounds funny: ICT tools for shaping podcasts and radio sketches | Presented by Tavia Seymour


Session C1 – SHAPE and REFLECT – Magical Realism and the Brisbane Experience | Presented by Charlene McMenamin and Matthew Ryan


Session E1 & E2 – Devising Theatre: Viewpoints & Composition  | Presented by Dr Lynne Bradley & Nicole Reilly

Devising Theatre: Viewpoints & Composition


Session A3 – Primary process – John Brown and the Midnight Cat  | Presented by Kirstie Cochrane


Session C3 – Reshaping Greek Texts | Presented by Stephanie Tudor


Session A3 – Rockpocalypse: shaping new work in regional Australia  | Presented by Jessica Lamb