published March 16, 2015

Please click on the links below to access some resources from the 2017 Drama Queensland State Conference.

(Please note: not all presenters provide downloadable resources)


Session B1 РNavigating the NEXT Curriculum | Presented by Joan Cassidy, Juliana Guinane and Adrianne Jones


Session D1 – Finding Direction | Presented by Charlene McMenamin


Session B2 – Rolling Role | Presented by Susan Davis


Session C2 – Plunging into the Absurd | Presented by Tavia Seymour


Session D2 – Practical Forming – what and why? | Presented by Debb Wall, Sue Pearn and Tricia Clark-Fookes


Session B3 – Next to arrive | Presented by Ian Sweeney and Tammy Johnstone


Session C3 – Up NEXT: Magical Realism | Presented by Naomi Russell (shake & stir)