published March 23, 2018

2018 Drama Australia National Conference Call for Expressions of Interest


Drama Australia’s 2018 National Conference ‘Continuum’ is calling for submissions and expressions of interest. We would love to see some voices from Queensland presenting!

To apply: 



The National Conference Committee invites the broader drama and theatre education community to contemplate and respond to drama education as a continuum; what is its past, its present, and what will be its future?

Submissions and Expressions of Interest to present are invited from educators, artists and researchers that respond to the following provocations and themes.

Transition: What has changed/is changing in terms of drama education in Australia?

Progression: How has drama education innovated in the 21st Century?

Perpetuity: How will drama education contribute to the lives of young people in the future?

Continuance: What are the qualities and characteristics of drama education that have always been and are essential to our practice and research?


Presentation modes:

Masterclass: 90 or 180 minute masterclasses that reference contemporary or historic practices and styles/forms in drama and theatre.

Workshops: 90 minute workshops that explore drama education in the primary and secondary classroom that respond to one or more of the themes. [We encourage submissions that focus on any of primary years, junior/middle secondary and senior secondary (VCE, HSC, QCE etc) , inclusive education].

Research: 30 minute research papers that respond to one or more of the conference provocations and themes
NOTE: Combined research/workshop submissions are also welcome.

Submission for Contribution: If you are submitting more than one proposal please complete an online form for each one. Please ensure you submit ALL of the required information.


Submission deadline: Monday 25th June 2018


Short Closure Of Online Shop April 1 2018


Due to a change in banking programs the Drama Queensland- Queensland Association For Drama In Education Inc online shop will be closed for maintenance from April 1 2018.  During this period all memberships, resources and products will need to be purchased by emailing the Business Manager at  We apologise for any inconvenience this closure causes and will endeavour to have the shop back online as soon as possible from this date.